As a full time web developer I can’t help but think about the many changes we face as we begin to migrate to HTML5 and CSS3. Coding will be very different than the XHTML and CSS we have been working with for so long. Adapting to the structure, tags, selectors etc, it is going to be both challenging and rewarding. HTML5 and CSS3 offer a more integrated coding structure. The new structural tags in my opinion are great and make a lot more sense. Also, with CSS3 there won’t be a need to use as many images for simple things such as gradients, rounded corners, and like elements.

Before I leave you with a list of resources for HTML5 and CSS3 I want to mention what I think is the coolest thing about HTML5. HTML5 canvas and HTML5 media will free us from flash video and provide video for mobile platforms without complications. Websites benefit from these technologies because they will be easily viewable in smart phones.

Here is a list of resources I found very useful:

HTML5 Basics

Get Ready fro HTML5

Structural tags in HTML5

Power of HTML5 CSS3

My top 5 HTML coding preferences

Semantics in HTML5

HTML5 and CSS3 the techniques you will soon be using

How to get html5 working in IE and Firefox 2

CSS code structure for html 5 some useful guidelines

5 techniques to acquaint you with CSS 3

Can I use (Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other technologies)

Preparing for HTML with semantic class names

Yes you can use HTML5 today

Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 one page template


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