Core Team

DC Powers

Senior Programmer

As a computer programmer, DC Powers has always been way ahead of the curve. In fact, even before he owned his first personal computer, DC and a childhood buddy used to do programming on notebook paper.

“I finally got my first computer when I was about 13”, recalls DC, “It was hooked up to a TV back in the day and I just started programming then”.

AldenMC’s senior programmer since 2011, DC estimates that he has worked on more than 1,000 websites during his career. “I was working in the fashion industry when the web came along. I realized that everybody (especially models, modeling agencies, and clothing designers seeking to showcase themselves) is going to need a website”, DC says. “People didn’t know what I was talking about”.

Seeing programming as a viable career, he focused on computers and transitioned out of the fashion industry in 2001. Today, DC is responsible for all website programming and directs CMS integration for AldenMC clients. He’s conversant with multiple computer languages and works predominantly in PHP and JavaScript. That combination of programs provides synergy and the ability to create a broad range of web applications and page functionalities. DC is renowned for his ability to write seamless code and customize any feature or function, which makes for a very friendly interactive experience.

“I call myself a webmaster and the reason why I use that term is when I’m programming, I’m guessing and anticipating what the user experience is going to be” DC says of his professional intuition and foresight. When an AldenMC client requires something special in terms of website functionality, DC’s our man.