Core Team

Eric Tulin

Chief Strategy and Content Officer

There is no doubt that Eric has had a broad and varied career. Even before he could vote, growing up in Connecticut, he held significant roles in several State and National political campaigns. “I think my political career peaked at 17, but I began to understand how important powerful messaging could be to change people’s minds”.

Eric has been a principal of several advertising agencies throughout his forty-year career. He has developed the digital presence, produced video and animation assets and created comprehensive strategic planning for many Fortune 500, B2B and consumer companies. He was involved in the early development of Facebook, essembly and ConvoCast. “I was lucky enough to work with some of the most brilliant young programmers and engineers of the time, almost all less than half my age. It definitely kept me on my toes, my title at one company was actually “Adult Supervision”!

He has produced record albums, TV shows, has been an Entrepreneur in Residence at a tech incubator and has a long history of creating digital strategic initiatives for both startups and established media companies such as CBS, APB and Infonautics. He is a graduate of Yale University.

“Although I remain a ‘generalist’, over the last few years I have focused on clients in Life Science and BioTech and the challenges that scientists face in communicating complex concepts to multiple audiences. To contribute, in a small way, to the success of a therapeutic that might change patient’s lives is deeply satisfying to me”.

Eric manages all client strategic planning, calibrates overall messaging, develops all non-technical copy and directs the production of video and animation content for his AldenMC clients.